New Trends in Landscaping for 2016

Of all the investments you make in life, your home is likely one of the largest. Because of this, you probably take time and exert effort in making sure proper upkeep is maintained. This is the primary drive behind the interest in landscaping. Not to mention that a well groomed lawn creates the type of aura you look forward to coming home to after a long day. To best ensure you are keeping up with current changes, let’s examine upcoming landscaping trends for 2016.

Going Green

Not only does incorporating green techniques into your gardening reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also add convenience to your life. Sustainable design allow for:

  • Growth of thriving, drought-resistant plants
  • Reduced lawn size that decreases mowing time and costs of maintenance
  • Low maintenance and high quality

Including Edibles With Your Aesthetics

Most tend to focus on extravagant shrubbery, decorations, and other aesthetic features during landscaping. You can include fruit and vegetable-bearing plants into your technique in a way that blends cleverly with your creative plan while providing you an inexpensive way to easily incorporate more healthful foods in your diet.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Ever dreamed of hosting a party that was the talk of the neighborhood? A growing trend in landscaping is the inclusion of outdoor gathering spaces such as patios, fire-pits, and outdoor grills. Here, you can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family to make fun new memories that are sure to last.

Incorporating Design and Privacy

If privacy is of high importance to you, you can cleverly blend it into your landscaping design. Consider including a combination of trees, perennials, and shrubs that provide the type of natural screening you’re looking for. Be creative and don’t be afraid to have fun with various combinations.