New Trends in Landscaping for 2016

Of all the investments you make in life, your home is likely one of the largest. Because of this, you probably take time and exert effort in making sure proper upkeep is maintained. This is the primary drive behind the interest in landscaping. Not to mention that a well groomed lawn creates the type of aura you look forward to coming home to after a long day. To best ensure you are keeping up with current changes, let’s examine upcoming landscaping trends for 2016.

Going Green

Not only does incorporating green techniques into your gardening reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also add convenience to your life. Sustainable design allow for:

  • Growth of thriving, drought-resistant plants
  • Reduced lawn size that decreases mowing time and costs of maintenance
  • Low maintenance and high quality

Including Edibles With Your Aesthetics

Most tend to focus on extravagant shrubbery, decorations, and other aesthetic features during landscaping. You can include fruit and vegetable-bearing plants into your technique in a way that blends cleverly with your creative plan while providing you an inexpensive way to easily incorporate more healthful foods in your diet.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Ever dreamed of hosting a party that was the talk of the neighborhood? A growing trend in landscaping is the inclusion of outdoor gathering spaces such as patios, fire-pits, and outdoor grills. Here, you can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family to make fun new memories that are sure to last.

Incorporating Design and Privacy

If privacy is of high importance to you, you can cleverly blend it into your landscaping design. Consider including a combination of trees, perennials, and shrubs that provide the type of natural screening you’re looking for. Be creative and don’t be afraid to have fun with various combinations.

The World’s Most Beautiful Gardens

1. Château de Versailles

Just southwest of Paris lies a botanical paradise that was established during the 17th century under the scrutiny of Louis XIV. It was his primary goal to intensify the aura of his palace in Versailles, and the beauty of this historic landmark has certainly stood the test of time. Visitors today are still able to enjoy 250 acres of extravagant pathways that lead to flower gardens, lakes and classic statues that keep its antiquity alive. The original layout of Château de Versailles took time and effort as thousands of pounds of earth had to be removed to create the flower beds. While it took 40 years to complete, it remains a popular tourist attraction to this day.

versailles garden

2. Kew Gardens

Located at the domain of White Lodge, Richmond in west London, Kew Gardens was developed in 1879 by King George III’s mother, Princess Augusta. This impressive landscaping covers over 300 acres, and visitors are highly impressed as it contains more than 50,000 species of beautiful flowers and plants. Visitors are also able to enjoy various famous buildings such as the Temperate House, the Pagoda, and the Palm House. If you’re planning a visit, allow an entire day on your itinerary as it takes some time to truly enjoy all Kew Gardens has to offer. Among the sites you’ll want to be sure to see include:

  • Waterlily Pond
  • Kew Palace
  • Treetop Walkway
  • Japanese Gateway

kew gardens

3. Powerscourt Gardens

The enjoyment of a trip to Ireland can be heightened if you make time to visit Powerscourt Gardens. Located south of Dublin, this 47 acres of pure aesthetic quality was designed in the 18th century, and it highlights the basic aura of the Italian Renaissance. From the waterfalls and parks to the garden pavilions, tree-lined arbors and more, there is never a dull moment. The careful design of Powerscourt Gardens ensures you will have an easy time navigating your way through. The beautifully designed walkways frame the garden intelligently, all the while allowing you a unique and majestic view of the Wicklow Mountains.

powers court gardens landscaping

4.Keukenhof Gardens

Anyone with a green thumb and a true enjoyment for the beauty flowers add won’t want to miss the chance to visit Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. Noted as being “the most beautiful garden in the world”, here visitors have the unique opportunity to observe an astonishing seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Not only will you get to bask in the beauty of exotic foliage, but you also have the chance to speak with other gardeners who are happy to share their tips on growing healthy, beautiful flowers. Best of all, there are numerous restaurants and cafes within the park, allowing you to spend an entire day enjoying all the features Keukenhof Gardens has to offer.

keukenhof gardens landscaping

5. Butchart Gardens

In Vancouver Island, British Columbia lies a floral paradise you’ll not want to miss if you ever in the area. The land was originally used by Portland Cement. However, by 1904, they had exhausted its resources valuable to quarry work, and the location had to be retired. This is when the wife of the owner of Portland Cement decided to return the land back to a more natural setting by filling it with fresh soil collected from farms in the vicinity. Today, visitors are able to enjoy the fruits of her labors as they observe over 700 species of plants which are in bloom from March through October. Such a valiant back story certainly merits a visit.

butchart gardens landscaping

6. Suan Nong Nooch

To get a look into the oriental style of floral bliss, look no further than Suan Nong Nooch in Thailand. This garden features the greatest the selection of orchids in the country, and visitors are amazed by the world’s largest variety of palms and cycads. Established in 1980, Suan Nong Nooch was envisioned by Miss NongNooch. She felt it’s location would be the perfect place to establish a garden that would take your breath away. As if the wide variety of foliage weren’t enough, visitors also get the chance to enjoy entertaining shows throughout the day. Needless to say, you surely won’t get bored during a day at the exotic Suan Nong Nooch Gardens.

suan nong nooch landscapes

7. Villa d’Este

While Italy is well-known for it’s delectable dishes, it is also the location of the majestic Villa d’Este. Created on an age-worn Benedictine monastery, the garden owes its establishment to a Renaissance cardinal who desired to increase the aesthetic quality of the environment and increase quality of life for everyone to enjoy. The final product is one that has taken the world by storm, even being named by UNESCO as “one of Italy’s 31 major historical/artistic sites”. Here, you will be delighted as new and interesting sites await around every corner. Among the features you will enjoy include:

  • Fontana del Bicchierone
  • Rometta fountain
  • Avenue of the Hundred Fountains

Villa D'este gardens

8. Desert Botanical Gardens

Botanical masterpieces aren’t all confined to faraway lands full of antiquity and mystique. Right here in the United States is the Desert Botanical Gardens. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, visitors get the opportunity to enjoy the unique properties of plant life found in desert areas. Featuring more than 17,000 species, you are sure to find new and exotic plant life you’ve never before encountered. The Desert Botanical Gardens is also dedicated to the discovery of exciting flora advancements, and they have dedicated 13,700 square feet of the garden to a research lab complete with a library, laboratories, and research facilities to ensure generations to come are able to enjoy the beauty plant life has to offer.

desert botanical gardens landscaping

9. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Arizona isn’t the only state which features beautiful plants and flowers for all to enjoy. In Coral Gables, Florida, visitors get to enjoy the exotic nature of the various plant life that is prevalent there. Best of all, you get to experience the truly exotic without leaving the country as they have incorporated plant life from other areas into the garden including:

  • The Caribbean
  • Tropical Africa
  • Oceanic Islands
  • Madagascar

Like Desert Botanical Gardens in Arizona, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden also places a high value on research. Here, there is a high focus on conservation, and scientists here have been researching palms for nearly 70 years.

fairchild tropical botanic garden

10. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

When visiting a garden, you likely envision a pleasant stroll through past times complete with antique features and exciting back stories. However, in Scotland, you can instead transport yourself into the future when you visit The Garden of Cosmic Speculation. Envisioned and created by Charles Jencks and his late wife Maggie in Portrack House, Dumfries, Scotland in 1989, you are sure to be captivated by the unique landscape design based on mathematics and science. When you mix in the presence of the natural features, you are sure to be amazed at the clever convolution of futuristic possibilities with the elements that have always been.

garden of cosmic speculation